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Charitable Giving

Make A Difference Now & Help Others Thrive Tomorrow!

Take a look at our beautiful array of handmade products from Africa. These exclusive items are available for purchase and supports our charitable mission — which is to make a difference in changing lives and helping others thrive today, tomorrow and always.

The quest for women's empowerment

The Charity baskets were birthed in the quest for women’s empowerment.

And so we decided to stand behind the basket weaving women of Ghana, to assist them in bettering themselves and their communities.

By weaving baskets to provide the means for their children to go to school and to fund several projects to assist in providing water wells for their various communities, this is done communally.

They each commit to giving a portion of the sale so that their village can have clean water and others can come together and provide water.

Basket weaving is taught to girls from a very young age (five and six years old). The grass that is used to weave these baskets are found in the Southern part of Ghana and is known as Elephant Fun Grass.

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