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Tatinga Tangled Baskets


Small – 11.5″H

Medium – 15.5″H

Large – 19.5″H

*Sizing is approximate. Variations between items received and images shown can occur.

Materials: Natural Grass

Colors: Natural, Black

Each is one-of-a-kind and possesses its own unique personality. Variations between items received and images shown can occur.

Origin: Zambia

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Unique open coil design makes these baskets truly one of a kind. Organic in nature and material, the Tatinga Tangle Basket is a beautiful way to add a touch of natural warmth to any space.

These artistic baskets are crafted and harvested of river reed, called imisi in Xhosa, which is used for both the weft and the warp of the weaving. Some of these baskets, during their creation, develop bumps and bends along the way which the weavers do not straighten, thereby giving the finished product its organic shape. Patterns vary and are unique to each basket

Care & Maintenance

Style indoors or outdoors in a dry place.
Dust with a microfiber cloth to clean if necessary.
Baskets will darken slightly and become more firm with age.

Shipping Information

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